Thermal Metal Spraying

Thermal Metal Spraying

At DF Coatings we have the equipment to thermal metal spray, which is being pushed for more and more across the industry because of its massive benefits financially and it’s much longer life span of the substrate to which it is applied.


Thermal spraying involves the projection of small molten particles onto a grit blasted substrate to a minimum standard of Sa 2.5 where they adhere to form a continuous coating and create a mechanical bond.


Aluminium and Zinc are the most common types of application where zinc is used in less harmful and corrosive atmospheres whereas aluminium can be used in the harshest of environments.


Our employees are fully trained to BS EN ISO 14918 on Flame spray and Arc spray methods of application and have years of experience of both site and in-house applications.

This was a project to replace the piles of a jetty in a seawater tidal area requiring the new pile pipes and fittings be grit blasted to a SA 2.5-3 standard with a profile of 75microns, followed by a TSA metal spray to a minimum 250 micron thickness, to provide long term corrosion protection in a harsh environment. To ensure the TSA coating was carried out correctly the pile pipes were spray soaked with water and left for 48 hours to ensure there was no blooming of the coating.

After the water test, the pipes and fittings were spray-coated with two coats of a black epoxy sealant with 50 microns thickness per coat.

We are Operations Integrity Management System (OIMS) approved EU Number; 403046. DF Coatings Ltd are working to ISO 9001/2008 regulations