Specialist Coating

Specialist Coating

DF Coatings undertake many different jobs requiring specific coatings to maintain and preserve the life of all types of plant and equipment, including steel and concrete structures. For 15 years we worked very closely with Tryton Designs Ltd,  who were the sole supplier of ENECON High Performance Polymer Systems in the UK. (DF Coatings, as of February 2018, took over their business).

Together we have undertaken large jobs, both in-house and on-site for big enterprises like Centrica, SSE, EOn & Exxon Mobil to name but a few.We have carried out work on storage and chemical tanks, pumps, sea water cooling systems, turbine air intake systems, chemical bunds, reservoir diffusers, power station water filters, water jet engines, Kort nozzles, vacuum pumps etc. and at all times we strive to preserve them for as long as possible with the best coating materials available.

Here are some of the products we can apply:


  • Enecon products
  • Belzona
  • Chemco
  • International
  • Jotun
  • Sherwin Paints
  • Hempel

Blasted and painted with a specialist Chemco high temperature product that goes up to 600 degrees, and can be supplied in various colours

We are Operations Integrity Management System (OIMS) approved EU Number; 403046. DF Coatings Ltd are working to ISO 9001/2008 regulations