We can provide coatings for the marine industry whether they be from antifouling to non-skid applications on decks and walkways and we have vast experience of working to BP, ExxonMobil, NORSOK, OPA and various specs, including working closely with our clients to provide a specification where they are uncertain of their requirements.


DF Coatings have extensive knowledge and experience in the following marine sectors:

  • Ships
  • Ferries
  • Tugs
  • Piles
  • Retainer walls
  • Off shore rigs
  • Buoys

Fuel Berthing Pontoon

Two parts of the pontoon were delivered to site, the large one 24 metres in length and a shorter one of 5.8m. These were abrasive blasted to Sa 2.5 with a profile 50-75μ. The internal surfaces were coated with an aluminium filled epoxy primer to a dft of 100μ and followed with an epoxy top coat to a dft of 150μ. The external surfaces were coated with the same aluminium filled epoxy primer to dft 150μ followed by an epoxy top coat to dft 150μ. The roof of the pontoon was made non-slip by applying an epoxy filled with a suitable aggregate and the deck fittings coated with a PU coating.

Two of these sets were completed on time and within budget.

 Griffon Hoverwork’s B150 Hovercraft

The hovercraft had 38 buoyancy tanks to be prepped, by hand, before coating with an epoxy primer and a glass filled epoxy top coat. Each tank had to be air tight.

12.5 m ASV (Autonomous Surface Vessel)

The vessel had different coating requirements for different area of the aluminium boat. The interior parts were made u of the engine room at the rear , the cabin in the middle, and the front. The engine room was painted with a primer a top coat and a sealer. The coatings materials for this area was water based intumescent coatings for the red primer and white top coat followed by at PU sealer.

The cabin was coated with two coats of heat refractive coatings a light grey primer and a white top coat. The Front area was not coated.


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4.5m ASV

This aluminium vessel was first abrasive blasted using medium garnet to a profile of 50-75μ,  followed by a red primer/sealing epoxy coat to a DFT of 40μ. Then the whole vessel was coated with two coats of a grey epoxy coating to a DFT of 120 per coating. The vesseal was then taped along the water line using a laser beam to ensure accuracy, followed with two coats of a black antifoulant  to a DFT of 90μ per coat on the bottom of the boat. The top area was then coated with 2 coats of a red PU coating to a DFT of 75μ per coat.

The interior of the boat was not coated.

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