Two of the Heritage Projects we have been involved with

We were initially approached by the Swanage Railway and asked if we could refurbish a Victorian cast iron sectional water tank which, at the time, was still in situ at Salisbury Station. It had been used to supply steam locomotives up until the withdrawal of steam from BR in 1968 and had lain disused ever since.

As discussions progressed, due to our knowledge and enthusiasm for the project we were asked to become involved in the dismantling, and later on, the reassembly of the tank.

Dismantling was carried out mainly at night under “Track Possession” orders due to its close proximity to the running lines.

Deconstruction took quite some time due to the 600+, mainly seized, bolts and the fact that we had to employ UHP water jet cutting of the 100-year-old grout to enable the sections to be parted.

With the tank disassembled into its 36 sections, it was craned out and duly transported to our Southampton facility where it was abrasive blast cleaned and followed by UHP blasting and cleaning and then re-blasting to ensure the panels are clean.. A holding primer was applied to all panels prior to assembly of the tank. After assembly the interior of the tank was re-primed and 2 coats of tank lining applied. The exterior was re-primed and then coated with a PU topcoat.


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Landing Craft F8


When our client Landau UK won the contract to refurbish and refit one of the last remaining landing craft from the Falklands conflict we were asked to undertake the blast cleaning and preparation of the framework and also if we could provide workshop space for the initial stages of the refit.


Foxtrot 8 (or F8) served with the Amphibious Assault Ship HMS Fearless and was involved in the landing of 3 Commando Brigade on 21st May during Operation Sutton on the Falkland Islands.


It is of wood and plywood construction clad with armour plate which was stripped and refurbished ready for refixing but first the frame had to be blast cleaned and rotten or damaged sections stabilised or replaced.


After abrasive blasting had taken place to clean the wooden skeleton it was then moved into a separate workshop at our facility where the client then proceeded to repair the framework and fix the initial plywood cladding.


We then painted the hull ready for the final refit and when finished she will become part of the Memorial Fleet operated by the Portsmouth Naval Base Property Trust as one of a number of small historic craft used in the defence of our nation.

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